An Oreo Ice-Cream Cake recipe | Simple Ice-Cream Cake at Home | 3 Ingredients Ice-Cream Cake

Hi Everyone, Sharing a Simple and Tasty Ice-Cream Cake Recipe. We make this Cake with the simple Ingredients at home.Here we are using only three ingredients and very easy and tasty.The main ingredient here is An Oreo Cookies.By using the Oreo cookies and other ingredients we make the simple an Oreo Ice-Cream cake recipe.


  1. Vanilla Ice Cream
  2. Store bought caramel sauce
  3. Store bought Chocolate syrup
  4. Oreo Cookies
  5. Walnuts

Making Process:

>First Take a 9 inch spring form pan and line it up with a plastic Wrap. It is mainly useful to take the cake out.

>Take another bowl and add the ice cream in to that to leave at room temperature at least 45 minutes to one hour.Make this Ice Cream soft so that it’s easy to mix all the ingredients.

>Use the wooden spoon to make the Ice Cream to make soft and freeze for several Hours.Next take the Oreo cookies and place all the cookies in to outside of the Pan.

>Arranging the Oreo Cookies in a line in to the Pan is some difficult because some are stay and some are not stay so arrange properly with some patiently.

>Once all the cookies are arranged in a line in the outside of the pan, Next take the cookies open them up and place them in the pan.Place all the cookies by separating with the cream, in the pan one is open and one is close.

>Once the Pan is ready with the Oreo Cookies and next take Ice Cream, add 1/4th cup of Caramel sauce, add 1/4th cup of Chocolate sauce.

>After that take a zip lock bag and add all the Oreo Biscuits to make all dust by smashing it.

>Add all the Cookies dust to the Ice Cream and stir it with the wooden spoon to make the Mix soft. Finally add some walnuts in syrup. These are very sweet and crunchy but don’t add too much and mix the cream.

>Next take Ice Cream Mix and Pour this right in to the middle of the Pan. Also Sprinkle some of the leftover Oreo Crumbs. If you want add some roasted peanuts and put them in here.

>Also add some almonds, and finally add some caramel sauce on to the top of the ice-cream mix and place this in the freezer for at least 4-6 hours.

>After 6 hours of Freezing remove the plastic Wrap and place it on to your cake pan, cut it in to the slices and enjoy the Cake with your loved ones.  

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